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Clinician Training

Are you a health care provider interested in offering GLA:D Back at your clinic? Read here to learn more about our upcoming Clinician Training course.

When is the next GLA:D Back Clinician Training?

The next GLA:D Back training sessions for clinicians are scheduled for...

October 5 - 6, 2024

Please confirm your eligibility, outlined below. The training is offered virtually via Zoom. Both days of training run from 8:00am to 3:00pm Mountain Standard Time. The price for the training course is $540 CDN.

If you have trained with us in the past and wish to attend some or all of an upcoming training weekend at no cost, please email us at and we will include you on the Zoom calendar invite.

Who is eligible to take the GLA:D Back Clinician Training?

Are you a physiotherapist, chiropractor, occupational therapist, physician, or registered nurse/nurse practitioner and have a minimum 2 years of FULL TIME clinical experience in Canada including working with a chronic musculoskeletal population? 


Are you a kinesiologist or certified exercise physiologist who is already a certified GLA:D Hip & Knee clinician?

You may register for the course directly!

Other professionals may have the qualifications and experience to be eligible to provide the program and need to demonstrate this experience to the GLA:D Back Canada team. These professionals include:

  • certified exercise physiologists (CSEP-CEP),

  • kinesiologists with extensive experience working in rehabilitation clinics.

If you believe you have the relevant additional training and experience you will need to apply to take the course by providing a:

  • CV that provides details on clinical work including hours (e.g. full time or part time of 20 hours per week),

  • letter or job description that clearly outlines your clinical experience

  • letter from your manager describing how you will work with this chronic musculoskeletal population within your employment situation

Through this documentation each individual needs to demonstrate that they have:

  • at least 2 years of FULL TIME independent clinical experience working with individuals with chronic disease, including working with individuals with chronic musculoskeletal conditions

    • Note that time as a student or volunteer does NOT count towards this time requirement

  • experience leading group education and exercise sessions.

Please send your documentation to Your application will be reviewed by the GLA:D Back Canada team and you will be notified of your acceptance to register for the training course. Please do not register for a training course until you have received this notification.

Job descriptions or qualifications that do not typically meet the criteria include:

  • Osteopathic training
  • Athletic Therapy

  • Massage Therapy

  • individuals working under the direction of another health care practitioner (e.g. PTAs)

  • individuals who run group based programming only (e.g. aerobic instructor, yoga instructors)

  • individuals working exclusively with a younger/healthier clientele (e.g. sports or strength/conditioning instructors)

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